How to Choose the RIGHT Thickness (WEIGHT) for Your Hair.

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Shopping online for extensions, can be overwhelming, and we understand that. This is why we feel it is more important than anything, to educate you and help GUIDE you to make the right decision for your hair.

Ever wonder what hair extension companies mean when you ask what WEIGHT would you like? We understand that all these questions can be confusing, so here we have an in-depth GUIDE into how to choose the right hair weight  (thicknessfor you. 


Weight simply means thickness when talking about extensions. The higher the weight, the thicker the hair. You could simply take a guess, but that would leave you with the uncertainty that once you receive the hair, you may not have enough, which leads to not enough hair for a full head, which leaves noticeably large gaps, making it more noticeable that you have extensions. The point is you want to have it well blended. If the proportion to the amount of your hair, isn't equal to the amount of extensions, you will have blending issues. Follow our 3 main choices of weight as an honest guide to help you choose your thickness. Keep in mind, we only advise for a full head. some competitors give you an overall guide, which sometimes isn't for a full head, later finding out you need to purchase 2 or 3 packs. Here at Rapunzled, we are as transparent as we can be, to help you make the right decision for your hair. You also should know, 1 set = a full head. there will be no hidden surprises of having to purchase 2 or 3 sets. So take a look below at our guide for you. 

1. First determine the thickness of your own hair with this simple test;

Collect all of your hair like a ponytail at the back of your head. Wrap your thumb and your index finger as your ponytail. 

*If your index finger is touching the base of your finger, you have FINE HAIR.

* If your index finger is touching your thumbs' crease, you have MEDIUM HAIR.

* If your index finger is touching above your crease, you have THICK HAIR. 


120 G is perfect for you if you;

* Have fine hair, shoulder length, and longer- needing a full head

* If you have long hair and only want the extensions on the bottom half of head, for fuller ends.


160 G is perfect for you if you;

* Have medium thickness, shoulder length and longer-needing a full head


220 G is perfect for you if you;

* have thick hair, shoulder length or longer- needing a full head.


280+ G is perfect for you if you;

* have very thick, shoulder length or longer-needing a full head.


For you ladies with short hair, extensions are very possible, but the secret to a complete beautiful transition to long hair is; MORE WEIGHT. The trick to blending very well, is thinner sections of your own hair being left out. Almost as though you have extensions back to back. So if you have;

SHORT, BUT FINE HAIR for example;

* 160 G is your safest bet, and so on. 

I hope this guide was helpful for you to determine what weight you will need to get a full, and beautiful blend of extensions. 





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