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Are you turned off of extensions because you have seen someone else with terrible looking extensions? The ones where you can see where their hair ends and the extensions begin?

This happens when someone isn't wearing enough extensions to match the ratio of their own hair. Aside from quality, the weight is extremely important. This will determine how well your extensions blend. 

We know how difficult it is, especially for someone who is shopping for extensions for the first time. So when you are doing your research, make sure you first have an understanding of what the quality means. Once you understand this, take a look at what the company offers in weight. 

Step 1: Put your hair in a category of either of these:

My hair is thin.

My hair is medium thickness.

My hair is thick.

Now typically for thin hair (for a full head) you will need about 150g- 160g 

For medium hair, 200g is perfect.

For thick hair, 250+g is what you would need to look for. 

Anything less than these guidelines, may leave you with extensions that wont blend properly with your hair. You will see where your hair ends and the extensions begin. 


If you don't have enough hair extensions, and you aren't in a place to be purchasing more, there is a way to blend beautifully with what you have. 

1. Divide a clean section starting at the top of your ear. 

2. take the bottom half, and pin all that hair against the nape of your neck.

3. Start applying your extensions at your first section at the top of your ear. 

4. Repeat by adding in sections of your extensions until you reach the top. 

5. IMPORTANT. Do not leave a thick amount of your hair to lay on top. Try to bring the extensions up higher, so the layer that lays on top is thin. It is most important to have the top section blend seamlessly than it is to have the bottom section blended. 

6. Backcomb lightly on the top layer to disguise your extensions. Use your judgement, you want them to be hidden just as much as blended on the top. 

Try it out with your set! 

These are simple steps to make your extensions look so well blended that o one will know you are wearing extensions.

Take a look at our blog on QUALITY. Make yourself the expert when shopping for extensions with knowledge. It's an investment. Just as any other investment you make in life, you do your research, so why not have a full understanding of hair extensions so you can ensure your purchase is exactly what you need.



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