How to Choose Your Colour

We offer 3 helpful ways for you to choose the right colour.

1. Choose from our photos and videos to match your hair

    Simply browse through our wide array of colours and read our thorough description and video to fully understand how it will match your own hair. Don't worry, if it's not a perfect match, you have 40 days to return/exchange it for a colour more suitable. Please see our return policy for more info

    2. Send us a photo of your hair in natural light to and we will help you choose your colour

    We are available 24/7. Simply just send us a picture of your hair, preferably in natural light so we can capture the undertones and one our helpful Rapunzled Client Care Reps will be in touch shortly with a recommendation.

    3. You can order a colour swatch directly to your home. This will guarantee a perfect match for you.

    For a deposit of $20 you can get your own colour swatch which will be mailed directly to your home which you can find your colour and mail back to have your deposit returned to you. 

    We Love when you post your Pics: Tag Us @Rapunzledhair