Our Story

It's been a long road. Years of trial and error. Testing and testing until I was a big ball of frustration. 

I used to always look at celebrities and people on TV as a little girl and be in awe of the long luscious locks all these actresses and musicians seemed to have. Until I got into the industry and found out the secret. It's hair extensions. 

On the surface it may seem simple but its a big wide eco-system of it's own. So many woman wear extensions and I was obsessed. There was only 1 problem. 

I had terrible experience after terrible experience. Hair extension company after hair extension company. I've tried them all. fusion, micro-bead, nano-links, etc etc. So many empty promises and tens of thousands of dollars wasted. Another thing that irked me was the image. Of well, not the most whole-image that pops up when you think about hair extensions. 

Beauty and vanity always seemed to go hand in hand. It didn't feel good, didn't feel inclusive and didn't sit right in my heart. So set out on a journey. 

I traveled throughout Asia. Visiting all the different hair suppliers of the world to investigate how they got it, what is good quality, where it's from. Until finally I found one small family business. Running something out of a small little warehouse. But the quality was incredible. 

That's it I thought. That's when Rapunzled was born. Something that sat well with me. Something where I can allow woman to feel beautiful and confident. Something with purpose. To fund girls education in Kenya (another story). 

and thus,

Here I am to serve you. The best I can. 


With all my love. 

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